Young Event Rider

Whilst the aim will always be to continue to focus on a small string of horses, to ensure each gets the individual attention they deserve, with Alevels completed and her gap year well underway Safia has time and space to devote to more horses. 

 Safia is a lightweight small rider with experience competing at Advanced BE and 1.30 BSJA and producing young horses across all disciplines. 

Individually tailored plans are available so whether you're looking to keep your horse/pony ticking over during term time/holidays, sales livery or just looking for some 'bootcamp' training please feel free to get in touch for a chat.   

Safia is also available for freelance riding and coaching. 

References available from coaches/owners etc

Mobile: 07375573489   Email:

'Safia has had a great start with her dressage training. Never easy for those with the natural flair and determination for cross country riding, Safia has learnt to adapt her talents to the feel for the finer points of training! She has a great home team around her and there is always a super atmosphere around competition days. I have no doubt that this young lady has all the guts, determination and intelligence to make a great competitor if anyone can!'

Shena Kozuba-Kozubska (Coach)

'Safia demonstrates maturity beyond her years, always putting the horses welfare first she has a natural understanding and is able to get the best out of all her horses. She is self motivated and disciplined, but knows when to ask for advice. She is enthusiastic and passionate about her sport whilst remaining professional. When I first sold Podge to the Woodwards I was concerned he would be 'too much' horse for her, but she established a solid relationship with him and he has gone from strength to strength under her guidance. I am excited to be able to follow them and be of help this coming season. And am so so grateful they have allowed me to remain so involved in Podge's career.'

Caitlin (Podge's previous owner)

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